Wonder Woman: The movie (Hype is real!)

Wonder Woman: The movie (Hype is real!)Wonder Woman Trailer Genres: superhero
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The Hype is real! It is much too real. There have been a spate of new trailers released this week and it’s just too much to handle.


Wonder Woman Movie

We might have to wait for a solo Black Widow movie but DC comics isn’t making us wait. Gal Gadot is getting her own solo movie!

YES GUYS! What we’ve been waiting for since we all saw Batman Vs Superman.





Now, I remember Wonder Woman from the Justice League animated series, and she was awesome. I wonder if Gal will be able to measure up.

wonder woman movie

Wonder Woman in Justice League

She sure looks fierce as hell here!


wonder woman movie

Gal looking fierce!

I couldn’t find a bigger icon than this of this amazing scene from the trailer! WOW

wonder woman movie

This scene!

I wasn’t aware that Chris Pine is in the movie but he’s a good actor so that’s great news!

wonder woman movie

Chris Pine in the movie

Some interesting Tumblr reactions to the trailer for your perusal!


Some raised a demand for some more female solo films.


I’m on board for a Storm film, Dear Tumblr user!

This movie is clearly going to be set in the past (World War I most probably) and will feature Diana’s origin story. I see the lasso which was missing in Batman Vs Superman. I also see her demigod origins being addressed as well as some focus on her tribe. I remember being extremely fascinated with Diana’s family when I used to watch Justice League when I was young. I wonder if they will focus on that at all or just shift the focus on the romance between Diana and Steve. It would be nice if it was an action packed movie with heart unlike Batman Vs Superman which bordered on the ridiculous at times. Wonder Woman was also part of the Justice League teaser (more on that later! so keep an eye out for the same.)

What did you think of the Wonder Woman trailer? Hyped for the movie or just feeling meh?


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  1. I was super excited when I saw the trailer for this film too, I’m all for my comic book films being released, and Wonder Woman seriously looks like it has a lot of potential!

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