Spoils of War: Bibliophiles and Their Book Haul.

It was a momentous occasion for book lovers in the city yesterday. In case you missed it Harper Collins India hosted a garage sale on 24th at their Faridabad factory. It was expected to continue till today but the stocks ran out by 12 pm on the first day itself. While people expected madness at an event offering books at throwaway prices (25 bucks for paperbacks!), nobody quite anticipated the mayhem they were greeted with. Even the most punctual bibliophile amongst us who reached the venue by 9:30(10 being the opening time) were met with a crowd gathered in full battle attire armed with suitcases, trekking backpacks and a fervent gleam in their eyes. It was a sweaty affair waiting in long lines. Readers tried to infuse the tedious air with a pinch of humor and nerdiness. We spotted one guy screaming ‘HODOR’ at the confused guard while he tried to sneak in through the exit. Another girl was seen muttering ‘my precious” to her LOTR box set. She was among the lucky few; the box sets were all gone by the time the second batch came in. Delhi weather and the paucity of space did not make it a pleasant experience for many, but us bibliophile took pleasure from gloating over our hard earned spoils of war . I asked some of them to share their book haul and experience with us.  Here is a peek for your vicarious pleasure!



ishan 1

“It was an amazing experience. But that’s mostly because we managed to get some great stuff and were well prepared. I reached early and took two friends along. Both are rather new to reading and wanted me to help them pick out stuff. This turned out to be a great decision as there were cartons of books that needed carrying.There was no point in making lists given the time crunch. I went stack-wise, picking up familiar titles and authors. I got lucky with the box sets and managed to grab The Buddha boxset of graphic novels by Osamu, the LOTR series and A Song of Ice and Fire collection. We got lucky because we were amongst the first ones to enter. Afterwards, we sat outside and filtered through our haul. I went through every book we had picked sifting out whatever was not required. Consequently, I don’t think I bought even one extra book just because it was available at such ridiculously low prices. I spent 2.5k in total on all the titles.”



“The much anticipated HarperCollins Warehouse Sale was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had. Standing in a queue, waiting for the entry. The smell of new books was exhilarating. Although the books went out way too quickly, my friends and I managed a good haul. The people were exceedingly amiable and would admiringly look at the books we were carrying. Although the organizers hadn’t expected such a crowd and they went out of stock way too soon, the entire ordeal was as pleasant as it gets. The dragging of heavy books has left us with pain in our limbs but it was all worth it. I’m extremely excited to read the Lord of the Rings boxset I managed to score. I spent only  225 bucks for all this!”



“I wasn’t expecting much when I went to the sale. Like the majority I just wanted to get my hands on a game of thrones box set. I didn’t do any research, I just had that box set in mind and I think that worked in my favour. I expected a stampede as I knew a lot of people were going to come for the event so my friend and I planned to reach at 9.30. When we arrived we unfortunately didn’t sign the list and our entry got slightly delayed. We missed all the box sets but as a young adult and romance reader, I was pleasantly surprised by the collection. I am very active on goodreads so I’m aware of a lot of titles and know that the titles I grabbed are good. I went slightly crazy and grabbed too many books but the bill put a smile on my face. The space was definitely cramped and overcrowded but the people were such gems.  Everyone was trying to make the best of the situation and handing out books that were out of reach. I guess nobody felt like being a cutthroat as everyone in our batch missed out on the box sets. The manager was really stressed but I’m happy with the collection I got. I think I’m most excited to read “The Winter King” which I have heard great things about. I spent 400 bucks on 16 paperbacks which is a steal.”



“It was really crowded, hot and half my time was spent in a state of immobility trying to unsuccessfully wade through the sea of sweaty human beings. Thankfully the people weren’t rowdy,  I found some books that look pretty interesting. Glad I reached at 9.40. Spent just 125 bucks on my haul.”


My Haul!

13483089_960703677379387_1839886396743368015_o (1)

I was slightly disappointed with the overwhelming presence of Bieber’s biography and One Direction illustrated something. This can be attributed to the hundreds of bibliophiles who went before me and emptied the shelves of those ever elusive boxsets. At the end of the day I just grabbed familiar titles and authors and was glad too see so many readers brave the heat for the love of books. I managed to grab  14 titles for 350 bucks which makes me very happy with my haul.


Did you guys go for this as well? Let us know about your experience.

Shayantani Das


    • Nobody anticipated the rush and believe me the inside was in parts worse than the outside.Hope you managed to grab a few titles, we heard it was restocked after 2.

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