Season Review: The Royals (Season 2)

Season Review: The Royals (Season 2)The Royals by disha
Series: season 2
Genres: drama
Format: television

The monarchy in London runs a tight ship as to say. But like every family they have their secrets and dark sides. It's a thriller that has you asking, "What's gonna happen now?" or "Whats gonna happen next?". Let's hope our royal family can keep it together for the sake of their country!

Disha reviews:

This 10 -episodes season was so much better than the first one and the last episode was hands down the best episode that has come out so far. I am now eager to watch the third season which will release later this year.

The show, surprisingly, isn’t predictable anymore. In fact, you will continue to watch it even when the plot doesn’t feel very deep. The Royals is just one of those guilty pleasure shows. But, the USP of this show has to be its cast. The actors continue to deliver amazing performances in season two. In fact, Princess Eleanor gives you those ‘Brooke Davis (from OTH)’ feels. I adore her, man!

Princess Eleanor shines this season

The season picks up where season 1 left had left off, with Cyrus becoming king. Now, Liam and Eleanor are attempting to find the murderer of the previous King and Queen Helena is attempting to save her power and title.

I found it interesting that the power struggle between the royal family and the government took centre stage  this season. This definitely helped The Royals expand its plot. Also, can we just talk about Eleanor and Jasper’s chemistry? They set the screen on fire. And, I missed Ophelia. I hope she comes back for good in Season 3 because certain (major) events of season 2 will directly affect her. Also, I am not the biggest fan of Liam and Willow yet.

All in all, this show has just started to offer more than just witty dialogues and wardrobe wish lists. I hope this trend improves in season 3.


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