10 Reasons why the New Fantastic Beasts Trailer is made of WIN!

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So there is a Harry Potter new spin off series that is going to be released soon called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. A new teaser trailer for the same was released Sunday April 10 and it is AMAZING!

The new fantastic beasts trailer ft. Eddie Redmayne as the protagonist is  bound to make you SUPER excited for the movie. Why? Well here are ten reasons(in no particular order).


1.Hogwarts is MENTIONED.

So Eddie Redmayne’s character,Newt has apparently been “kicked out of Hogwarts” The place every Harry Potter fan knows and loves. What did you do Newt? Why were you kicked out?

2.The curious case of the magical suitcase.

What’s in the suitcase? What does it do?


What's that in Newt's suitcase?

What’s that in Newt’s suitcase?


It would seem nothing

It would seem nothing


3. Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore is mentioned people and as this is a prequel he might be in the movies. Dumbledore is not *slight spoiler* DEAD *spoiler ends* . HE’S THERE! He’s very fond of Newt. Is Newt the Potter to Dumbledore before Potter existed. AH so many questions.

4.Harry potter theme song

OH THE FEELS when the theme starts. OH THE FEELS!

5.American Setting

Yes, we knew it would be set in America but seeing it so distinctly in the trailer makes it even more amazing. New York to be exact.

new fantastic beasts trailer eddie redmayne

Vintage American style

6. The new villain is not human?

There’s a dialogue in the movie in which a character says “No human can do the things he is capable of.”

Colin Farrell

Beast or human?

7. There will be some sort of election or political scene in the movie

There is a candidate Shaw and he is apparently America’s future. He could be a magician or a muggle candidate but it sure would be more dramatic if he is a muggle, because magic puts a damper on his event.

new fantastic beasts trailer eddie redmayne

8.More magical creatures

Apart from the creature in the suitcase. There’s a magical bird and many other magical things.


Is it a bird? Is it a machine?

9.The Ministry of Magic but in America

So I did mention the fact that it’s set in America but this warrants a separate point because there is an American counterpart of everything. There is a Ministry of Magic in America, A American counterpart of the Daily Prophet. It’s a new world but with similar things.

fantastic beats

The American counterpart of ‘The Daily Prophet’

10. The fantastic cast

The cast of the movie seems fantastic. Even the minor one. Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne looks like a college kid, Colin Farrell looks muted and basically everyone seems to know what to do. Which is a relief.



What did you think of the trailer? Excited about it? 

Anything you spotted that I missed , sound off in the comments.


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