TV Series Review: Mr Robot (Season 1)

TV Series Review: Mr Robot (Season 1)Mr. Robot by disha
Series: Season 1
Genres: drama, technology

Young, anti-social computer programmer Elliot works as a cybersecurity engineer during the day, but at night he is a vigilante hacker. He is recruited by the mysterious leader of an underground group of hackers to join their organization. Elliot's task? Help bring down corporate America, including the company he is paid to protect, which presents him with a moral dilemma. Although he works for a corporation, his personal beliefs make it hard to resist the urge to take down the heads of multinational companies that he believes are running -- and ruining -- the world.

Mr. Robot is an American drama thriller television series that premiered in June 2015. The first season, comprising of 10 episodes, received a lot of critical acclaim, nominations and awards. It has now been renewed for season 2.


Mr. Robot is a modern day super hero story where socially inept Elliot Anderson (Rami Malek) uses his supreme computer programming and hacking skills at night to start a cyber- revolution. He ends up working with a secret group called FSociety led by Mr. Robot, a mysterious anarchist, to take forward a cause he deeply believes in.


Elliot Anderson


I thought that F Society’s plan to ‘save the world from becoming economic slaves’ was really cool and it made me wonder about its viability and applicability in real life. That is the thing about this show. It makes people think. It does not open the eyes of the audience to new realities of our world but reminds them of their unconscious and monotonous way of living.


The story starts of a bit slow but I learnt pretty early in my life to not judge a tv show from its first episode. And that is a good thing because as the story progresses, the plot (especially the last 4 episodes) becomes more intriguing, twisted, interesting and complex.


Elliot was epic. Hats off to Rami Malek for pulling off such a complex character and showcasing all the traits of Elliot’s personality, be it his depression, confusion, helplessness, sarcasm or addictions, to perfection.  He owned the show, even in the scenes in which he wasn’t present.


Other characters that stayed with me even after the season ended were Elliot’s psychologist Krista and his boss Gideon, mainly because I loved how genuine and nice they were.



I would highly recommend this show to all those who like tv shows with substance. I would also recommend this show to fans of super hero franchises. There are loads of parallels between a typical Marvel/ DC story and Mr. Robot.


I am slightly scared of what will happen in the next season because things were left at a complicated and confusing stage in the season 1 finale. I hope we get answers and most importantly, I hope Elliot ends up saving at least himself, if not the world(though that wouldn’t be bad either).



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