First EPISODES Bite: Assasination Classroom

First EPISODES Bite: Assasination ClassroomAssasination Classroom Genres: comedy, aliens
Format: anime

When a mysterious creature chops the moon down to a permanent crescent, the students of class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School find themselves confronted with an enormous task: assassinate the creature responsible for the disaster before Earth suffers a similar fate. However, the monster, dubbed Koro-sensei (the indestructible teacher), is able to fly at speeds of up to Mach 20, which he demonstrates freely, leaving any attempt to subdue him in his extraterrestrial dust. Furthermore, the misfits of 3-E soon find that the strange, tentacled beast is more than just indomitable—he is the best teacher they have ever had!

Adapted from the humorous hit manga by Yuusei Matsui, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu tells the story of these junior high pupils as they polish their assassination skills and grow in order to stand strong against the oppressive school system, their own life problems, and one day, Koro-sensei.

Episodes Watched: 5

Total Number of Episodes Aired: 32 (over two seasons)

This is an anime that is subtitled (subbed) in English and a dubbed in English version is available as well.

My Thoughts:

I was attracted to this series because of it’s name. It’s such an interesting and eye catching name. As I have just watched 5 episodes I will not be writing a full review but what I have thought of the series so far.

In it’s format, the series reminds me of School Rumble in a way but less funnier.You can start watching from any episode and not be lost. You just need to know the premise. Which is: Weird powerful alien decides to teach a class for approximately a month- Class has one month to kill him or he will destroy earth.

Now this is the slightly weirder side of anime as it doesn’t focus on bimbos but isn’t a normal story either. The story is absurd and defies logic. But, despite being extremely weird, it is enjoyable.
weird alien

The story follows the adventures of the class as it tries and fails hilariously in it’s attempts to kill the Kuro-sensei (yellow alien pictured above). I love how despite being extremely weird yet comical , the story focuses on the cracks in the educational system. An alien is the best teacher this class of delinquents has ever gotten and that is just sad.

Despite having a deeper message and being funny , the show is not without it’s faults. It is full of anime tropes and stereotypes.intelligent protagonist

The super smart character who looks like a girl but is a boy (pictured above)

Sexy teacher

The sexy teacher whose assets are focused on endlessly.(pictured above)

And many other tropes. It does try to overturn some of these tropes but so far it has not been that satisfactory.

The series so far is  good to watch if in need of something to pass the time.But, I’m not dying to watch every episode.


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