Film Review: Jazbaa

Film Review: JazbaaJazbaa Genres: drama, crime
Format: Movie, Media

Prominent criminal lawyer Anuradha Verma's daughter is abducted, and the abductor informs her that the only way she will ever see her daughter again is by defending a convicted felon, charged with brutally raping and murdering a young woman. The abductor watches Anuradha's every move, forces her to comply and orchestrates a perfect crime by outwitting the police. Anuradha's friend Yohan, a suspended policeman with disregard for old rules, is too tangled up in his own mess to help her. The prosecutor is a longtime rival who is determined to defeat Anuradha professionally. Anuradha has only seven days before the trial ends and race against time and corruption to save her daughter.

Cast: Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, Irrfan

This is Aishwariya Rai Bachchan’s comeback film. I saw the trailer and I was incredibly excited to watch the movie. I really enjoy crime thrillers and this looked a little like Drishyam (a good movie Higashino fans should watch).

I am extremely disappointed with how this film turned out.It had all the makings of a brilliant or at the least a decent film. Aishwariya hasn’t lost her acting chops, everybody knows that Irrfan is a brilliant actor, it has Shabani Azmi as well. So what the hell went wrong?

It’s pretty simple, the way the story is told is what is wrong with the movie. The director keeps switching scenes and doesn’t give us time to emotionally relate to any of the characters.The switch between every scene is disjointed.It’s almost as if the director doesn’t even want to hold the audience’s attention. He knows he has brilliant actors so he just does whatever he feels like doing.

Now, the actors he has are brilliant but the directing and the Bollywood drama that is added just makes them into caricature of their characters. Aishwariya is a mother in real life, it would not be hard for the audience to relate to her character. Her daughter has been kidnapped, the audience can easily relate. Or atleast it would be able to relate if she didn’t go around screaming like a banshee about her daughter. The banshee screaming is accompanied by slow motion running or hitting the ground. Sometimes it is accompanied by the camera panning over the entire scenery and superimposing her face in some dramatic fashion.It just makes the whole thing seem ridiculous. There is no need to add Bollywood masala and various special effects to the scenes.Instead of feeling for the character it just cheapens the entire seriousness of the scene and subsequently the movie.

Look at Aishwariya in the image above. Her entire face is emoting enough. She doesn’t need whatever it is the movie does to make the whole situation seem more dramatic.The scenes in which the director just lets her be and act like a normal human being are some of the best in the movie.

As if the movie wasn’t ridiculous enough, it manages to make Irrfan look absolutely ridiculous as well. He has various one-liners in the movie and while watching the movie you just feel sad. Irrfan has a dialogue in the movie” Yeh Bollywood hai” .Well yes Irrfan it is Bollywood but generally while watching you in a movie, the audience FORGETS that it is watching a Bollywood movie. Irrfan in Talvar was brilliant, a movie that came out just a week ago. He acts as a middle class CDI inspector in that film,a character that was relatable and touched the hearts of the audience. In Jazbaa, Irrfan is like a quintessential Bollywood hero like Salman Khan who speaks cheesy one liners, keeps pining over the girl and beats up the  bad guys. I don’t have a problem with those movies or if Irrfan was acting like that in a romantic comedy but in a serious crime drama, it’s hard to swallow. When Irrfan dramatically breaks a car window just because he’s upset after barely tapping the car window, I just wanted to laugh.His chemistry with Aishwariya was also messed up. These two characters are hugging and it’s just INCREDIBLY awkward.

Irrfan is a brilliant actor and this is one of the few movies in which I really started doubting his acting prowess. Because try as he might he could not save this sinking ship.Both the actors try their best but their talents are wasted. Even Shabana Azmi doesn’t manage to save this movie. It is thanks to these actors and how hard they tried that I’m pretty sure nobody walked out of this movie otherwise the movie is just plain exhausting.

The story is decent but the pacing is a shoddy piece of work.If you’ve seen the trailer you don’t even need to pay attention till the intermission.There is an unexpected twist at the end, the only saving grace of this movie, but by the time you reach that point you’re either disinterested or just marveling at the ridiculousness of the film.The story focuses on vigilante justice and it had so much potential but the way it is told leaves no impact on the viewer.

Be assured that you’ll most probably be discussing Aishwariya’s figure when you leave the hall and not the message that the film is trying to put across and that’s just sad.

The music is unforgettable and whatever is played on the screen is snippets of the song which are barely noticeable.

Overall, just do yourselves a favor and skip this one. I’m being incredibly kind by giving it 2 stars and it’s because of the actors,nothing else.


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